Compliance Cathy Features

You’ve spoken. We’ve listened. Since the year 2000, dental practices have asked for a compliance program to be simple, affordable, and consistent.



Compliance Cathy saves you and your practice money.

Let’s face it: Time is money. Rather than spending hours on end trying figure out OSHA and HIPAA, leave it to your electronic assistant - Compliance Cathy. Cathy is on standby with training videos, annual documentation forms, policies, and audits/assessment ready for your use.


Compliance Cathy makes training easy and engaging.

Your time is well spent learning the most current, science-based and fact-based information available.


Compliance Cathy helps you build fully customized OSHA and HIPAA manuals.

We use the latest information from OSHA, CDC, HIPAA, HHS, and NIST. Let our research save you a ton of time!


Rather than engaging a consultant to come onsite, you can deploy our application to conduct a HIPAA Risk Assessment and mock OSHA inspection.

These reports will help you identify flaws in your practice that require your attention and affirm what your practice is doing well.



We want to make you a Superstar at your dental practice!

We do that by making sure your compliance program is intact and up to date. We give you the support you need and when you need it, not simply just another software program.

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Compliance Cathy was built around three simple core principles - we need training, we need policies, and we need to conduct audits. Let Cathy get to work for you!