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Busy dental professionals often wish they had more time in the day or they had an assistant to help them deal with the challenges of OSHA and HIPAA compliance. We all know how important compliance is to our practices, but yet it seems we struggle with having the right tools to make the process flow more efficiently

More time with patients, less time spent on compliance

Compliance Cathy was designed with your needs in mind! We took on the challenge of training, building policies, and conducting audits to make this entire process more simplified to save busy people their most valuable asset: TIME.

Compliance Cathy comes to the rescue for those who serve in the capacity of Compliance Officer, Safety Officer, Privacy/Security Officers. Granted -- in a dental office, this is usually the owner dentist, the office manager, an administrative team member, the hygienist, or dental assistant. Regardless, everyone is busy and needs help! The role of compliance is secondary to your primary duties and already busy job descriptions.


Your Compliance Programs Assistant

She is your tool to close the gaps in your OSHA and HIPAA compliance programs. At the end of the day, we all want peace of mind to know our work is completed. Compliance Cathy will provide the assistance you need in getting training completed, building your compliance manuals, and conducting the audits to include HIPAA Security Risk Assessments and mock OSHA inspections.

Built for busy dental professionals

Compliance Cathy does not require any special expertise to use the program. It’s easy and designed for busy dental professionals just like you! Rather than having to jump to different websites providing different applications, we’ve put everything together here in one place to safeguard your time.


Ready to get started?

Compliance Cathy was built around three simple core principles - we need training, we need policies, and we need to conduct audits. Let Cathy get to work for you!